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Since 2010 J MAX FITNESS has been operating in Draperstown, Derry, N. Ireland.
Our Draperstown Gym is a modern open plan design with a training emphasis on functional movement patterns & strength & conditioning programmes for both Female & Male Fitness Training & Sports Performance Athletes. Our gym is a spacious 2500 sq/ft & our gym design reflects our training philosophy, methods & systems. This maximises not only our use of space but also ensures that each training session flows effectively & efficiently.


This is a highly professional consultancy service & provide support in the following areas:

*Sports Performance Training (Tailored strength & conditioning support for individuals, teams & organisations)

*Youth Athletic Development (Tailored strength & conditioning support for individuals, teams & organisations)

*Rehab & Reconditioning (Athletes, General Fitness Clients)

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John Mc Mahon

Hey my name is John Mc Mahon. I am the Owner & Head Strength & Conditioning Coach here at J MAX FITNESS.

I am also the former Head of Athletic Development with Derry GAA 2016-2019. I have been involved in Fitness & Sports Performance industry for the past 15 years. Prior to my involvement in coaching I have participated in high level sport for almost 25 years. All of this experience, knowledge & expertise that I have gained I bring to my coaching. I am very proud of our philosophy, training programs & support services we offer here at J MAX FITNESS.

Our amazing coaching staff at J MAX FITNESS are completely client centred & results driven. As a direct result of our coaching philosophy, experience & expertise our clients & athletes experience a high quality, results driven training environment.

John McMahon