Female Training

Hey Ladies, your very welcome to J MAX FITNESS. All of our female training programmes have one simple goal- To help you move better and to enhance both your physical & mental health. Through our warm-ups we focus daily on helping you improve soft tissue quality, flexibility, mobility & upper & lower body power. Our structured female training programmes caters for the needs of all ages & training levels.

Our vast coaching experience, expertise & proven results is what sets us apart.

J MAX Female Strength Camps

Our Female Strength Camps we combine various resistance training methods to help you shape your body, increase fat loss & improve your physical & mental well-being.

We combine our coaching methods with nutritional support & weekly we monitor & assess our female clients to ensure they achieve their goals. Whether your goal is fat loss, body shaping or building full body strength & improving your cardiovascular fitness?

We can provide the programme for you !!

Inactive females experience a 3 to 6 percent loss of muscle mass per decade.

Resistance Training not only increases your resting metabolism by about 7 percent and helps minimise muscle loss. But when you strength train, you get more calorie-torching bang for your buck. Training with resistance / weights keeps your body working long after you’ve stopped lifting. This process is commonly called the “after-burn.”

Resistance training is by far the best training method to help you burn fat, shape your body & achieve the body you desire.