14 01, 2020

Train Smart, Doesn´t mean your training is Easy

Training Program Design !!
JMAX ….What exercise is best for this body part? how many sets & reps should I be doing?
These are some of the emails & questions I receive weekly.


The first question you need to answer…

16 12, 2019

J MAX FITNESS – Confused About Nutrition?

One of the most common questions I receive, is about nutrition.

Before we delve into the world of nutrition ….. You need to establish what is it your eating for?

Is your goal to gain muscle & increase your physical mass? is your

6 12, 2019

J MAX FITNESS – Athlete Performance Training For Cage Warriors

Above is MMA athlete Gavin Kelly who I trained for a number of years.
Gavin progressed from fighting in local shows to then being signed by Cage Warriors.
My experience training athletes from a variety of sporting disciplines is vast.
Providing individual Strength & Conditioning Programs to help